Commercial Demolition

Demolition of commercial office and residential structures as well as public infrastructure, including structural modifications, strip outs and heritage works that involve the partial demolition of buildings to retain protected areas or building facades. Deconstruction of retail malls, hospitals, academic and high density mixed-use precincts involving strict traffic management, emissions, noise and vibration controls to ensure that residential amenity and commercial trading operations remain uninterrupted.

The Commercial Demolition Process

Before we can demolish a building, we need to make sure the property is safe. Your team of demolition contractors will inspect the building and its surrounding property for any elements that may potentially become dangerous or risky once we begin the actual demolishing process. 

We recommend that prior to your scheduled demolition, you have an asbestos removal company confirm that there are no traces of asbestos in the building, as that would prove disastrous and may yield a significant environmental hazard. If we do come across any traces of asbestos or hazardous materials, we will have an environmental company treat and remove them prior to moving forward with the demolition project. 

Once we are sure that there are no dangers or hazards, we will make sure that all of the building’s utilities are turned off. If your commercial space has its water, electric, or gas lines still running, we will not be able to begin your building’s demolition. We will inspect each line to ensure that they have each been turned off by the proper companies.

After all safety concerns are addressed and we have confirmed with your utility companie and/or the proper authorities, that all utility lines are shut off, we’ll be able to begin the demolition! The team at Mikula Contracting, Inc. will use our array of demolition equipment to efficiently knock down and flatten your commercial property. 

Once your building is no longer standing, the team of contractors at Mikula will handle all removal and disposal of your demolished building’s materials. This is always a part of our demolition services and we take pride in our methodical clean up system. 

There are many potential reasons for demolishing a commercial building. You might be planning to rebuild a better building on its site. Perhaps the building has been long abandoned and is now an eye sore. Perhaps the lot will be repurposed to another function, like a parking lot or a park. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting to demolish your commercial building, you should choose Mikula Contracting, Inc. as your go-to commercial demolition contractors! We’ve been in the business for over 70 years, and with so many decades of experience, we are completely confident in our abilities to serve your needs effectively and efficiently.