Selective Demolition

Tearing down a building is not always the most ideal or cost-effective solution. When this is the case, selective demolition might offer the best results while protecting the structure’s integrity and minimizing the impact to ongoing operations. When you want to make changes to a building or add an extension, Oregon demolition contractors will help you evaluate the options that meet your needs the best.

Examples of Selective Demolition Projects

  • Create or remove entryways
  • Prepare a home or building for a new floor, room or space
  • Prepare a building for an extension
  • Remove stairwells
  • Re-proportion existing structures
  • Prepare a home for an en suite extension, such a bathroom in a master bedroom
  • Prepare an airport for the construction of an additional terminal
  • Altering buildings so they serve a different purpose, such as turning an old factory into a school or office building
  • Equipment and component removals
  • Prepare a building for structural modifications, such as seismic upgrades
  • Stripping out a building
  • Site cleanups for buildings that contain hazardous materials, such as lead
  • Removing feed and conveyor systems from factories
  • Roof removals
  • Removing airport control towers


Selective Demolition

Because of the quantity of debris that demolition projects create, extensive sorting is required. To reduce waste, a green contractor uses special equipment to tear down a building. Attaching shears to the end of an excavator, for example, allows workers to reach high components without relying on a wrecking ball. Concrete crushers turn concrete into gravel that a client can recycle or use for the building’s renovation. Powerful magnets separate scrap metal that a client can sell. As an Oregon demolition contractor disassembles a target structure, it sorts the building materials into different piles for disposal, delivery or recycling.

After the crew strips a structure’s mechanical, architectural and electrical elements, all that remains is a shell that is ready for remodeling, remediation or an extension.